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STUDIOMAKEUP Magic Pen – Eye & Lip Primer

Rp 40.000

Unique and innovative all-in-one: Lip, Eye and Brow primer & liner. Retractable pencil with built- in sharpener. Multiple-use as primer and liner for Eyes, Lips and Brows.

Boosts eyeshadow color, dimension and wear. No crease, no budge, no transfer! Transform any eyeshadow into long wear eyeliner. No budge, no transfer! Matches to perfection any lipstick shade. Set brows in place and holds brow powder longer. No budge, no transfer! Use it to create semi-permanent tattoos!

EYE PRIME: Apply on upper, bottom or both eyelids and then apply eyeshadows.

EYELINER: Create an invisible line across the lash line. Apply eyeshadow on top. Can be used to define crease as well.

LIP LINER: Apply following the natural line of the lips and apply lipstick. Can also be used on entire lips to enhance lipstick or lip-gloss staying powder.

BROW SHAPER: Design your brows, fill in the gaps with this invisible liner before applying the brow powder.

TATTOO: Draw desired design on skin with magic pen and apply any powder pigment on top to create semi-permanent tattoos.


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